The Sun Never Hurries

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Slow down Brothers, way down.

The Sun never hurries to Love the Earth.

Penetration, Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul, Lingam to Yoni. 

At the opening of her Yoni, pause.

Before you enter her, pause. 

Be still, so still. 

And so much happens in this stillness, this moment of quiet. 

In this moment, this stillness, there’s a listening to your lover, to her body, to her heart. 

You’ll only hear it, feel it, in the stillness. 

You’re feeling for her to open for you, to welcome you, to draw you in with the invitation of softening.

And the presence of the head of your Lingam is showing your desire for her. 

There’s a consciousness in this moment that comes from your heart. It’s the energy of your heart in your Lingam. You’re breathing it through your body, down your body, filling that channel of energy with your love. Filling it until it fills your Lingam, and gathers at the head, resting against her Yoni. 

And in your breath that energy, before you enter her body, that energy enters her, her Yoni, her belly, her heart. 

Before your body is inside of her, your energy, your heart, your love is. 

There’s a delicious bliss in this, subtle, it takes time, patience, to sense it. 

It’s an inner journey to sense it, know it. The journey into your body, your heart, your sexuality. It’s a journey into intention. 

It’s a journey into understanding the sacredness of your lover opening to you. 

It’s a journey into going beyond the desire to simply penetrate, to just be inside, to move in friction. 

It’s an experience of intimacy, of holding the space for her, for you, for pleasure. 

This is heart sex, soul sex. 

From your heart, through your body, through her body to her heart. 

From this exquisite pause of resting at the opening of her Yoni, with all of you, it feels like that, in the head of your Lingam. 

It’s a moment where time seems to stop. 

It’s a moment where we feel pulsation, of the body, of energy, in one point. And if we breathe into that pulsation it spreads from the Lingam through all of the body. 

Her Yoni pulses in the same way, the same rhythm. 

There’s something I’ve seen in touch. I call it resonance. The touch brings our bodies into a resonance, an energy that we feel is the same. It’s a deep connection that merges us into one. 

This resting, the head of my Lingam at the opening of your Yoni, hearts connected through that touch, creates this resonance. 

And when her body opens and draws you in it’s as if you’re being drawn into the Yoniverse itself. 

Our sexuality holds such possibility for us on so many levels. 

When we bring greater awareness to what and how we express and experience our sexuality we open a space of limitless possibility. 

This touches, and comes through, our bodies, minds and hearts. It’s also a path of spiritual experience. 

One of the biggest shifts that helps this is when we sex as an energy experience. 

Here’s the practice. 

It begins with a meditation. 

Heart Breath. 

Place a hand in the middle of your chest, on your heart centre. 


Slow, deep breaths. 

Have the awareness that you’re breathing into your heart, breathing out from your heart. 

Each breath connecting you with your heart. 

Then breathe down into your sexual centre, to your Lingam or Yoni. 

Practice connecting these two centres. 

Practice bringing your breath to the head of your Lingam, filling it. 

Feel it. 

In an experience, come together with your lover. 

Breathe together. 

When you’re ready for Union, rest the head of your Lingam at the opening of her Yoni, pause. 


Gather your energy, in your heart, in your Lingam. 

Flow the energy from your Lingam into her Yoni, into her heart. 

Allow the stillness to carry you into the feeling, into the sensation, into the experience. 

Into Being Alive!

~The Intimate Oracle


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The Sun Never Hurries

Slow down Brothers, way down. The Sun never hurries to Love the Earth. Penetration, Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul, Lingam to Yoni.  At the