About Curiously Carnal

The Curiously Carnal Tarot Deck was created for tarot enthusiasts. Its underlying motive and intention is to address (or undress!) the personal and sexual repression of our cultural conditioning. The inclusion of nudity is intended to remind us that we are souls incarnate. Our physical body is the result of our deliberate incarnation. We are embodied souls, born naked and unashamed, and this deck is a reminder of that truth.

The use of nude imagery immediately provokes a subconscious or unconscious reaction. Exactly what it provokes is largely dependent upon the reader. Although nudity is not unique in tarot decks, it is rare. This deck is not intended to be pornographic – or solely erotic. It’s designed to provoke a reader’s insights into their own repressive conditions. What you resist, persists. What you repress, will still express.